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Innovative solutions in industrial PC, hardened touch Panel PC for various applications

IPO Technologie has a wide range of catalog products supplemented by a wide choice of options and accessories.
However, in order to meet your specific specifications, our design office studies your projects to develop suitable solutions.
We also have a network of recognized partners to provide you with the most relevant solution.

Industrial Panel PC

Standalone - Panel mount - ...

High-performance rugged touch panel PC with an innovative design that adapts to all types of applications: from company reception to production stations …

Industrial Inox 316L Panel PC

Standalone - Panel mount - IP69 ...

For the food industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals or any other application requiring regulatory control and strict hygiene, we have developed a range of robust, safe and durable 316L stainless steel Panel PC (contact with food), capable of withstanding harsh environments.

Industrial monitor

Standalone - Panel mount ...

Perfect for digital signage applications in production, signage, advertising, communication on sensitive sites….

IPC - Compact chassis

Embedded PC - Fanless ...

Our compact industrial PCs are completely designed for industrial environments.

IPO Technologie -Manufacturer of PC, Panel PC and industrial monitor

IPO Technologie

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