Embedded - Mobility

Mobile Embedded Industrial Computing

Faced with very dense competition and constantly changing operating costs, companies seek to improve their productivity and customer service, the integration of an on-board computing solution is one of the levers to meet these challenges.

Whatever your need, IPO Technologie has a solution adapted to your constraints.

IPO Technologie helps you respond to the major themes that govern your sector

These activities require complex industrial IT solutions that meet the security requirements and standards in force.

  • Information

    Providing its customers with information on the progress of transport in real time, warning them in the event of hazards or delays, or even providing them with a dedicated web interface, is a real asset that helps build customer loyalty. ​

  • Travail

    For drivers, on-board computing allows a significant improvement in working conditions (navigation assistance, real-time information on traffic or weather alerts, etc.) and fairer management of assignments, with driving hours being transmitted in real time to the operator.

  • Quality

    This is THE priority for professionals. It mobilizes the strengths and talents of each to combine performance, profitability and quality. Our products are manufactured and or installed in France and are scrupulously controlled to help achieve this objective.

  • Return on investment

    An essential factor in the productivity of a structure, the return on investment is calculated on time savings, reductions in treatment costs, optimization of journey management, reduction of costs, etc.


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