Workshop - Production - Industry 4.0

Industrial computing for Workshop - Production - Harsh environment

The workshop-production represents the nerve center towards which most of the challenges of all industrial companies converge. 

At the heart of the activity of IPO Technologie for more than 30 years, the leading manufacturer of operator stations for the workshop, we are familiar with the problems and requirements of the Industry.

IPO Technologie helps you respond to the major themes that govern your sector

These activities require complex industrial IT solutions that meet the security requirements and standards in force.

  • Production optimization

    The key word here is efficiency, we provide you with stable, reliable and long-lasting solutions that will be able to evolve without degrading in order to improve your performance.

  • Real time control

    IPO Technologie helps you to set up a simple and effective methodology that will allow each actor to adjust their mission according to their needs (software, hardware, support, etc.)

  • Control of costs and deadlines

    Thanks to powerful and long-lasting tools, we allow you to identify and evaluate the positions concerned and thus propose adapted solutions for corrections and follow-up.

  • Traceability

    From the production chain to marketing, the traceability of your products is essential for reasons of safety, cost control and quality; we have developed machines that meet these requirements.​


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