Industrial IT Logistics

Industrial IT Logistics

Controlling the supply chain has become a crucial issue for companies.

Due to the development of e-commerce and globalization, logistics uses high-performance and reliable IT tools that meet its requirements.

IPO Technologie helps you respond to the major themes that govern your sector

These activities require complex industrial IT solutions that meet the security requirements and standards in force.

  • Identification and Traceability

    At the heart of the supply chain, identification and traceability allow the monitoring of a product from its production to its delivery. This is an essential requirement that our products and accessories help you to accomplish (scanners, printers, touch screens, logistics terminals, rugged panel pc, RFID identification solution, etc.)​

  • Inventory management

    A key position in the structure, directly linked to the company's cash flow, inventory management makes it possible to best adapt the specific needs of each company. Thanks to a complete IT offer, we help you choose the solution that best meets your requirements.

  • Productivity

    The key word here is efficiency, we provide you with stable, reliable and long-lasting solutions that will be able to evolve without degrading in order to improve your performance. We offer you a set of materials that will allow you to validate a project as a whole and to have a general vision of the supply chain.


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