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Industrial IT for Transport

The transport sector is omnipresent in our activities, whether to move people or goods.

Even if nearly 90% of goods transport is carried out by road, let’s not forget air, rail, river or sea transport.

IPO Technologie helps you respond to the major themes that govern your sector

These activities require complex industrial IT solutions that meet the security requirements and standards in force.

  • Environment

    The preservation of the environment is a constant that guides professionals in the sector; we help you control your installations and analyze your data to regulate your investments and obtain an eco-responsible approach.

  • Performance

    We meet your requirements with a reliable, efficient and sustainable product and technology offer.

  • Control of costs and deadlines

    Thanks to powerful and long-lasting tools, we allow you to identify and evaluate the positions concerned and thus propose appropriate solutions for corrections and follow-up.

  • Traceability

    It is an essential concern of the transport sector for reasons of safety, cost control and quality; we have developed machines that meet these requirements.


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