Industrial computing for the food industry

This essential sector of French industry brings together players constantly seeking to improve their products: their watchwords: quality, traceability, efficiency.

IPO Technologie helps you respond to the major themes that govern your sector

These activities require complex industrial IT solutions that meet the security requirements and standards in force.

  • Environment

    The preservation of the environment is a constant that guides professionals in the sector; we help you control your installations and analyze your data to regulate your investments.

  • Diversity

    Our geographic and climatic diversity has fostered a wide variety of products and professionals. Our tools adapt to each of these data to enrich your business and help you satisfy consumer desires.

  • Quality

    This is THE priority for food industry professionals. It mobilizes the strengths and talents of each to combine performance, profitability and quality. Our products are manufactured and or installed in France and are scrupulously controlled to help achieve this objective.

  • Health security

    More than a legislative framework, it is an essential imperative for the development of this sector and a public health priority. Our company is ISO 9001 certified, we have solutions in 316L stainless steel, waterproof IP69 - IP66... to meet mandatory and rigorous controls and ensure consumer safety.


Products that adapt to your needs…

Our ranges of products related to the food industry

Stainless steel Panel PC - Waterproof IP69/IP66/IP65 - Stainless steel box - Built-in stainless steel front...