Product return procedure

Your product breaks down and you wish to send it back to our after-sales service?

Thank you for respecting the procedure explained below.

Product return procedure



Download the ARM form


ARM Form


Complete carefully the form:
Product reference
Purchase date
Type of product
Delivery form number
Product Serial number
Nature of the breakdown (compulsory)




Return the form by email to [email protected]




ARM number

When the form is treated and validated, the After-sales service send it back to you with the ARM number.





Please return the product in its packaging. The badly packaged returned products and which turn out damaged cannot be taken in guarantee. You have an extension of guarantee for the material, specify it on your voucher.
Thank you for supplying the return voucher with the parcel




The return is under your responsibility.
You have to obtain necessarily an RMA number by the AFTER-SALES SERVICE, without this number, products will be refused and returned.

Our guarantees

Standard guarantee

The standard guarantee for IPO Technologie products is of 2 years – return to workshop from the purchase date. (Valid for the countries of the European community – specific agreement for all other countries).
Extensions exist, do not hesitate to ask for them to your contact.
Watch out, the guarantee of the products of our partners vary from 1 to 2 years.

Your equipment is out of warranty?

At reception of your material according to the after-sales service procedure, your equipment will be analyzed and a quotation will be communicated.


The repairs will be done after reception of your order putting the quote number and amount.