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IP65 Mouse solution - for industrial and medical use - waterproof mouse

IP65 water mouse

Waterproof IP65
Connector: USB – Standard PS/2 (adaptator)


  • Easy to clean
  • Quick answer
  • Comfort maximum
  • Cleaning possible without disconnecting the PC

SOURIS/MED/IP65 : General description

The control of the infections is essential in an environment with strong sanitary constraints. IPO Technologie propose mouse and keyboards answering perfectly this necessity.

To facilitate the decontamination of the materials IPO Technologie proposes a range of keyboard and mouse with indicator light warning the user of the necessity of disinfection of the equipment (the indicator going out after cleaning). The cleaning can be made without disconnecting the PC with all existing products, corresponding in the standard IP65 they are waterproof.

Sensitive as a keyboard or a standard mouse, these materials are back-light for an easy use in spite of a low luminosity. Without harshness these keyboards and mice are designed on a silicone basis (without latex) and thus totally hypoallergenic. Their flat and ergonomic design was imagined to minimize the tensions in the hand and the fingers and for a maximum of comfort.