ODYSSEE Trueflat PCAP Panel PC Stainless Steel 316L - IP69/IP66


Rugged Trueflat PCAP Panel PC - Stainless steel 316L chassis - IP69/IP66 / 21.5’’ 16:9 Full HD - Pentium® Quad Core N4200 - Use standard I/O & cable

Fanless Trueflat Panel PC
Stainless steel 316L cased – GMP compliant
IP66 I/O trap protection with cable gland
Use your standard I/O and cables
Display LCD TFT 21.5” Wide- LED backlight
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
CPU: Intel®  Pentium® N4200 Quad Core 2.5GHz
Internal industrial power supply AC or DC
IP69 front face – IP66 others
Version CV: PCAP Glass touch screen (6H)
Version CP: PCAP Plastic (PMMA 4mm) touch screen (6H)
► Standard warranty 2 years parts and labor back workshop

Guaranteed on 2 years


  • "All-in-one" Panel PC in 316L stainless steel
  • Fanless solution
  • IP69 front panel - Waterproof IP66 other sides
  • Waterproof I/O - Use your standard cables
  • GMP compliant

ODYSSEE-21WT QP : General description

IPO Technologie wanted to meet the specific expectations of each sector of activity. So for the food industry, chemistry-pharmacy or any other application requiring regulatory control and strict hygiene, we have developed a range of Panel PCs in 316L stainless steel (food contact) that are robust, reliable and durable, capable of withstanding the most demanding environments. Its True-flat Tactile mutlti-touch (PCAP) front panel, its small footprint and its research design to have the minimum of roughness make it a professional industrial computing solution. Thanks to its 316L stainless steel chassis, its fanless operation and its IP69 protection on the front panel and other IP66, this waterproof and stainless steel industrial pc resists corrosion, is easy to clean and can be used as close as possible to your production area. The ODYSSEE-21W panel PC in a stainless steel box has an 21.5 ’’ LED screen 16: 9 format, it offers perfect readability and visibility whatever the angle of view. Different industrial-type system configurations are available depending on your needs. With its simplified connections and its IP66 cable gland, no need for an extension cable, this waterproof stainless-steel pc respects the integrity of your peripherals and allows you easy use and maintenance . To allow you to adapt your PC panel to your specific needs, we have developed a range of accessories and specific options: Wifi, Bluetooth, specific connection option, stainless steel mounting bracket, etc. Stainless steel front Rugged Panel PC panelmount – IP69&IK08