IPO Technologie presents you their latest panelmount panel PC : THETIS-21CI. The panelmount panel PC are perfectly adapted to the industrial applications in exterme environment: dust, projection, humidity, temperature variation. The large screen FULL HD of the THETIS-21CI allows it to combine display comfort and efficiency.

This evolution of the range came from a joint reflection with our customers to correspond better to their expectations in terms of power and ergonomics. Particularly adapted to the applications of supervision, it facilitates the exchanges between the various workstations.

Strong and reliable, THETIS-21CI is equiped with the processor Intel ® Core ™ Mobile i3 / i5 / i7 3rd generation which confers it big graphic performances, a surprising speed of execution while limiting its energy consumption.

Unique on the market of panelmount panel PC: IPO Technologie equipped this panel PC of a large 21” full HD screen as well as:
– touchscreen resistive technology: this résistive technology allows a use with a finger, a glove, a card or by any stylus. It resists all the projections of liquids, fat or dust on the touch screen while keeping an optimal legibility and a visibility
– Or touchscreen capcitive technology: ideal for the outside installations or in the hardest environments it allows a fast and precise answer even if the touchscreen presents some scratches or breaks. It can be used with gloves.

A large number of connections comes to complete its equipment allowing it to fit all the configurations.
Numerous options also allow to adapt it to the specific needs for every application.
Its disk placed on a side is easily accessibleto facilitate maintenance and interventions.