IPO technologie, French manufacturer of PC, Panels PC and industrial monitors, presents the last 2 ultra compact industrial chassis of his partner IBase Technology: SI 08 and SI 18.

Weight, place and energy-saving, this players also benefits from an unequalled graphic power which confers them all the qualities for a multimedia use.

SI-08 and SI-18 are ultra compact players: SMALLEST AND LIGHTEST OF the MARKET with a dimensions of 125.5 x 125.5 x 34 mm and a small weight of 800g (for SI-18).

Practical and functional, their aluminum chassis with the standard VESA fixations allows to place them behind the screen.

These players assembled around a MINI ITX motherboard and a processor CPU double cœur of 1.6 GHZ and its 2 Gb de DDR 3 (4Gb max), benefits from an important graphic power thanks to their card ATI Radeon HD 6310 all this to allow an excellent fluidity in the display of information, pictures and contents

thanks to the fanless system on SI-08, we can also add them (option) a WIFI connection or Bluetooth (SI-08 and SI-18).

Their electric consumption does not exceed 35 watts.

This compact and light players presents the best quality-prix-performance ratio of the market.