IPO technologie launchs his last development: the mobile and autonomous kiosk for a continuous 10 hours action, perfectly adapted for advertising, punctual communication or emergency information.

The totem is proposed with a 46” screen protected in an aluminium box anti-vandalism equipped with 2 locks and with a security glass of 6mm. Easily movable thanks to its 4 adapted roulettes, the kiosk benefits from a maximal stability and from a big resistance for a sure use in public places.

Proposed with loudspeakers and a high luminosity and high resolution screen, and with a Core 2 Duo mobile processor of 1.85 Ghz, the IPO technologie autonomous kiosk draws the attention by broadcasting high quality images, videos, animations, clips, files…

With a warranty autonomy of 10 hours this new kiosk is ideal for shopping malls, stations, airports, cinemas, congress centers and for all the structures which look for:
– A simple solution and without constraints of cabling
– A practical and easy movement to be able to intervene quickly
– A long-lasting functioning, continuously during minimum 10 hours
– A clear and perfectly visible messages by day or night.
– A presence public places without danger for users.

The autonomous IPO technologie kiosk will perfectly integrate every situation, it is totally ” customisable ” to correspond to the aesthetics of its environment and

numerous development can complete the offer to adapt itself specifically to the customers requirements.

– Orientation of the users,
– Product’s display, offers, special operations,
– Management and reception of visitors,
– assistance,
– Information, guide …